Jupiter MX CW New Price

Today i have a lot of time to write about Jupiter MX CW. From the image below you can see really clear how Jupiter MX CW look like. This Yamaha product have cool design, and i love the velg of this motor. Can you imagine how great this motorcycle if parking in your garage? And do you can feel how comfortable if you ride this motor? Price for this motor only Rp.15.550.000, and this price really cheap.

Jupiter MX CW
Harga Baru: Rp.15.550.000

Specification and feature

* length X width X height:
* Wheel Distance:
* low to the ground Distance:
* Weight Empty:
* Type of order:
* front suspension:
* rear suspension:
* Size of the front tire:
* size of the rear tire:
* front brake:
* rear disk:
* Fuel tank capacity:
* Type of engine:
* Diameter x step:
* Volume step:
* Compression Ratio:
* Maximum Power:
* Maximum Torque:
* Machine Lubricant Oil Capacity:
* Automatic Clutch:
* Dental Transmission:
* Starter:
* Battery:
* Spark plugs:
* Ignition system:
Note : price for Jupiter MX CW in this site maybe different with the actual price, use price in this site just to compare. If you have time, feel free to read also Jupiter MX.

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