Kawasaki Trail KLX 250 S 2012 Specs and Price

Now you will read good post about Trail KLX 250 S. From the image below you can see really clear how this Kawasaki Motor brand look like, and i know you will really love it. What do you think about this Kawasaki Motor design? For me this product have really good look, and really gentlemen. You can see how much you will need to pay to own this Kawasaki product below.

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Trail KLX 250 S
Harga Baru: Rp.58.250.000

Air Conditioner-
Power Windows-
Power Door Locks-
Power Steering-
Anti-Braking System-
Traction Control-
Air-Bags Driver-
Air-Bags Passenger-
Cup Holders-
Folding Rear-Seat-
Rear Wash Wiper-
Alloy Wheels-
Tubeless Tyres-
Central Locking-
Remote Fuel-Lid –
Steering Adjustment-
Child Safety Locks-
Front Fog Lights-
Defogger (Rear)-
Leather Seats-
Power Seats-
LCD Screen-
CD Player-
Note : price for Trail KLX 250 S in this site maybe different with the actual price, use price in this site just to compare. Another cool product i know you will have a lot of time to read is V-Ixion SE.

For me the price for this Trail KLX 250 S really match with the quality of product, Kawasaki famous with gentle motor design.

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